"Wealth" side view        




17 X 9 X 11 "
Walnut wood base available

“What is wealth?” Morning Fawn

quietly meditates.

"Is it found in the gold and silver and precious stones that we possess? Is it seen in expensive garb or the vastness of our animal skins? Can it be measured in our sacred mountains so exalted and splendid? Will the number of our flocks or the breadth of our herds convey great value? Does our richness come from the smoothness of our skin or the sculpted muscles of our thighs?"

"I have little means, neither fine clothing nor cattle but I have you....

My little papoose, how I love you.......you are my wealth."


Psalms 127:3- The fruitage of the belly is a reward.

  "Wealth" Plaster front view "Wealth" baby closeup view  
  "Wealth" right side view "Wealth" left side view  
  "Wealth" closeup of face "Wealth" back view  
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