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Tamara sculpting.

With art, what gets me most excited is to create something equally beautiful and meaningful. If I can do that, I’m thrilled! 

Sculpture styled with love, romanticism, tenderness, gentleness, meekness, joy, capturing the fire from within—either in a glowing bronze or a unique, fired clay sculpture—this is what I do. 

For me, working with natural earth clay is like no other sculpting medium. Wonderful organic textures can be created—gauze-like fabrics, lace, even embroidery—all coming from its water based, earthy origins. Fired clay sculptures have been around for millenniums, crafted by people not unlike ourselves, just wanting to make something with their hands to connect and share with someone else. What a neat feeling, to think that I’m going back to early times and sharing the same passion ancient artisans had.

When I remove a sculpture from my kiln, usually while it’s still quite warm, patience is gone, for this is my pinnacle moment of pleasure with my art! Jeweled glazes in bedazzling colors, china paint glowing with real gold mixtures, interesting surprises from surface textures combined with glazes and depth of shadowing, giving life to the face and figure. Often it takes seven firings, or even more, to bring the beauty level up, and then I get a pleasing “Ah……!” to just “be” with my newborn creation.
Once I discovered that I could reproduce my clay sculptures into bronze, I was so happy because, up to that point, I had only made one-of-a-kind sculptures, and it was very hard parting with my originals. Now I can share my creations in bronze editions.

Tamara's Signature-Top left-  Drawing by Marc Barger
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