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Tamara Bonêt     |     Biography

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Raised in a small town north of Sacramento, Tamara Bonêt  grew up with one sister and two brothers.  Like many artists, she took to art at a very early age. Starting from the time she could write letters, she’d make a grid of squares and then draw a portrait of a different Victorian woman in each square.  She remembers sending early drawings to her Aunt living in the Napa Valley.  Tamara’s interests were primarily in drawing women in beautiful garb, often in romantic settings.   


When Ms. Bonêt was 8 years of age, she began a homemade book containing portraits of friends, family and movie stars. While her siblings busied themselves with playing outdoors, she would sit alone on her comfy bedspread measuring/checking with a ruler a face that she wanted to replicate. Her tenacity, self discipline, and attention to detail showed itself particularly in her art.  Her mother would lovingly critique her portrait and then Tamara would go back and work until the portrait was right.  Being in a family with four children, getting attention wasn’t always easy, but her artwork fetched many morsels of praise that nurtured the artistic flame growing within her.


Tamara’s artistic achievement in school was encouraged through the GATE program (Gifted and Talented Education) from the 7th grade through the 12th grade.  Grants paid for Tamara’s first oil paints, canvases, brushes and books—things her family could not afford.  Scholastically, Tamara was a high achiever, graduating from high school as Valedictorian.  She has always been a long-range planner, so a career in art was at all times among her far-sighted goals.  


At the age of 20, Tamara bought her first bag of clay and tried her hand at fashioning a beautiful lady in a flowing dress…her first sculpture, won “Best of Show” for it in the local fair and she was hooked! She realized she could sculpt anything in clay that she could draw on paper!  It was exhilarating.  That was the beginning of her enduring passion in sculpture.


As all artists do, Tamara has made a few mistakes along the way.  One case in point regarding health, for many years she unwittingly carved and scraped away at dry clay, not realizing that silica clay dust is dangerous to the lungs.  Now she works with a respirator for protection. 


Happily, at the age of 26, Ms. Bonêt  married her life partner, Ron.  And in 2001 at age 31, they built their fairytale home that Ron named “Tamalot” (from Camelot), including a well-lit Studio Bonêt on-site.  In 2005 she received additional support when she joined several sculpture forums and obtained tutorials, books, and critiques from online sculptor friends, all of which helped her to advance quickly.  


Today Tamara enjoys moderating a sculpture forum and helping new ones in sculpture to have the encouragement and knowledge they need to further improve.

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