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Indian woman with cat sculpture finished

Indian woman with cat sculpture finished

Hi family and friends,

Today Ron and I worked in the yard with Brandon (a 19 year old friend) and Travis (my nephew :-) . We got a lot done with their help. It’s great to have such good workers to be able to call on to get things done. With the weather mild, it’s the time to get the yard in shape before the heat sets in. :-)

Before dinner I decided to finish up my sculpture in 1 hour but instead it took two (and a few more minutes after dinner). All in all, I’m happy with it because it gives me a good feeling when I look at her. Her eyes were supposed to be looking at the cat but I didn’t get that part right and I didn’t want to take long on it. So instead she’s sort of looking off a bit which makes her look like she’s daydreaming about something.

When I look at her straight on, I think that the left side of her figure I might take off. I might angle it in and have it look broken or jagged even more so. But I don’t want to work with it but a few more minutes because it’s a just for fun sculpture. The legs of the cat aren’t sculpted as the sculpture fades out from there. So if I make it even more cut in at the hip area of the woman, it will give more of the cut off/fading out effect.

Well, that’s all for now. Doing these quick sculptures sure is fun!


2 Responses to “Indian woman with cat sculpture finished”

  1. Kurt Fischer says:

    Very nice, Tamara. Despite being just a quick sketch in clay it has a lot of expression and a very convincing pose.

    I’m working at a quite complicated clay model of two lovers at the moment, so I can fully understand the joy and the satisfaction you find in a quick and little fun project.

    I absolutely love the idea of sculpting a lady with her cat and have to say you did it in a very appealing way showing not only your skills, but also your love for your work and of course for your kitties. :)

    Big thumbs up for this one.

  2. Tamara Bonet says:

    Thanks Kurt for your comments. Complicated works bring great satisfaction when we’re done with them and see how well they turned out for all the hard work. I enjoy that too but these quick ones help to learn to work quickly and keep things fresh. So each has there benefit. I look forward to seeing your new work. :-)

    I’ve done quite a few early work of ladies with kitties so this is returning to something I love to do. Now I need to get back working on the Indian woman in the canoe. :-)

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