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Garden Reverie Sculpture – #4

Garden Reverie Sculpture – #4

(See Garden Reverie’s finished clay pics and promotion and bronze photos)

After seeing how the Photoshop mockup looked with a long braid, I went about adding the hair to the actual sculpture.



By rolling the clay into long tendrils, I added one hair tendril at a time, building the volume out.  Her braid looks like it was pulled up and then down through her hair.


Her braid ended up being more of a loose swirl of hair that she casually twirled together —  A relaxed updo with long wavy swirl to fit her dreamy mood.


After seeing how far her hair swirl would come down on her back, I could then begin to put her dress on J.  She likes getting her clothes put on, and I do too!  That’s always the fun part!  But really, I won’t cover up all that anatomy; just subtly add some wrinkles and folds to indicate the type and directional flow of the fabric.



By keeping the fabric fairly smooth, this will be a good place for the patina artist to play a bit with color.  If I was to add a lot of folds and detail, then the wide open palette wouldn’t be there to add a variegated patina.  It could be too busy.

On the next post I’ll be adding more to the dress and hair curls around her face.

Thanks for following her progress.  Here are all the steps of this work in progress at this link.  Further progress has been made since this post.



7 Responses to “Garden Reverie Sculpture – #4”

  1. Mitch Mitton says:

    Tamara, this is simply beautiful.

    Also my new email address is moc.liamgnull@nottimhctim

  2. Bill Brooks says:

    Finally… A little more to see… :) liking the development process and your thoughts as you look at options… :) nice! :)

  3. Tamara Bonet says:

    Thank you guys! And Mitch- I was wanting the new email address- thanks.

    Bill- It should now speed up some with a couple posts per week and then finish bronze pics (might be at the same time you get your bronze finished too!)

  4. Bill Brooks says:

    I like how it is progressing… I may have my first mold made in about a week… I only go to the foundry 3 times a week. He’s almost out of Silicone Rubber and won’t be able to pick some up until maybe wednesday next week. What an interesting process to learn… :)
    Question, how big is this sculpture?

  5. Tamara Bonet says:

    Learning to make a mold is liberating because you don’t have to rely on anyone else to do it but boy does it take time and careful skill.

    She is a little over 15″ and with her base will be somewhere around !6 1/2″. She’s in the same scale as my larger Beautiful Dreamer.

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