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“Garden Reverie” – Finished clay pics!

“Garden Reverie” – Finished clay pics!

Garden Reverie’s work in progress blog posts are here.  (See Garden Reverie’s bronze photos) I’ll continue to add more steps showing her anatomy being refined on into molding, casting in bronze and patina.  

For now, I’m skipping ahead to the finished clay pics because I’m doing a pre-cast promotion (also available at my Napa gallery) for this sculpture.  She will be available in bronze by mid-April.

Garden Reverie

17″ Cast Bronze (images show clay prior to bronze casting)
Limited Edition of 50
Pre-Cast Price $4500 (limited to first 5 castings)
Afterwards the price will increase to $5100.

Garden Reverie sculpture by Tamara Bonêt

32 Responses to ““Garden Reverie” – Finished clay pics!”

  1. Mitch mitton says:

    Lady, I am glad we met before you become famous. Make me know that you are real. Now the flower, perfect touch, as is the sheer dress, and of course those eyelashes that got me following you 2 girls in the first place, But the note and the flowers that is what will put you over the top…..

  2. Bill Brooks says:

    Love your work Tamara… :)

  3. Tamara Bonet says:

    *Smiling* Thank you guys! The note has a very special sentiment to me as my friend wrote the most beautiful song with those words in it. I used to sing that song with my mom and my friend and her guitar a long time ago. I’ll share more about that on upcoming blog post work in progress pics. Thanks again for your kind words. ~Tamara

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  5. [...] “Garden Reverie” – Finished clay pics! [...]

  6. Michael says:

    Wow! Thanks so much for showing me Garden Reverie. The amount of detail is simply exquisite. Congradulations on completing such a fine piece of work!


  7. Tamara Bonet says:

    Michael- Thank you very much!

  8. Doug says:

    Hi Tamara,
    Truly amazing work and we wish you every success. Thanks for sharing!
    Kind regards,

  9. Ross Parker says:

    So very elegant.Well thought out and designed. What a beautiful face and stunningingly graceful pose.Something most figurative artists miss. Most importantly this is soooooo saleable !! No wonder your gallery does well for you Tamara.

  10. Tamara Bonet says:

    Thank you Doug and for your SEO tips for my website. You are so generous to do that.

  11. Tamara Bonet says:

    Ross- Yay, thank you for that! ((Hugs)) Hope your galleries continue to inspire people to love wildlife and our beautiful natural world to take care of.

  12. Cathleen Johnson says:

    As a close friend of the artist I can tell you that she is more beautiful inside and out then her stunning works of art. She is a true friend and I love her lots! She made me a sculpture of my two cats. They have comforted me so much through my illness and now they can, in a way live forever through Tamara’s gift of love!
    Thanks Tam,

  13. Tamara Bonet says:

    Ah, my dear friend Cathy! Your friendship means so much to me. I so enjoyed making that cat sculpture of your two cats playing and the mouse in the hole of tree hole, just peeking out. :-) You’re a comfort to me as well and I love you!

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  26. Oleg says:

    Very kind your works…Thank you.

  27. Olga says:

    Hi Tamara!
    Got delighted observing this hair detailing from all points of view. Like the back & hair view – there is a feel of skin tenderness and just right amount of anatomical accents on it to deliver the association with a young and graceful body. Love the flower. The appearance of this figure in clay is amazing – it ideally suits the subject and enhancing it.
    Love the look of her spiritualized face with a quiet smile -lips are wonderfully made. See this in clay or in marble perfectly but in bronze… something is lost from the primary appearance .. the softness in feeling of it..
    However, my congratulations and I am really proud to have an acquaintance with you, Tamara! Fine job!

  28. Tamara says:

    Dear Olga,

    Thank you for your comments about her (as for what you say, I take keen interest with you being such an outstanding painter). I’m in agreement with you about the clay. This is a problem with several of my pieces, that they sing in the clay and in the bronze, something is lost.

    Casting (duplicating) in clay is not feasible with these intricate sculptures but perhaps faux marble would be the next best alternative. It would be nice to play around with seeing how she looks in faux marble. I need to buy some and pour a cast (except my mold is at the bronze foundry in Oregon). I could play around with casting something I have here and see the tone and crispness of the product. I don’t like a plasticy look though so I’ll have to see what works best.

    Bronzes have a glowing quality, a richness that is seen especially when viewed in person. Sometimes they make me think of fine jewelry, when they are polished and glowing, like a little treasure. So I do like that part of the bronzes and their durability too. But softness,…. that is hard to maintain once in bronze. A soft patina color can help to do that. In the monochrome bronze, she does look softer whereas the color patina, she looks rich.

    I agree with you about the clay, though, it’s the best!

    Nice to know you too Olga! You’re a fabulous artist!


  29. Dima says:

    Fine work! Thank you very much.

  30. I can see her in cold-cast porcelain. When they cast that, they sand-blast it to get the bisque look. That would be lovely for this piece. I use a wonderful resin caster in Indiana who did cold cast porcelain and black resins for me. He’s certainly capable of making a mold of her and casting it in resin. The white he uses is kind of stark (because the original color is kind of battleship gray, unless he’s changed products, so the white always has a grayish cast I don’t like), so I ask for a “french vanilla” color (you can see that on my website in the Resin Gallery – look for “Reflection” or “Bathtime”). The french vanilla is slightly cream-colored but not much – it still “reads” as white, but it’s not the harsh, hard-looking white the regular white is. Here’s his website: http://excel-cast.com. His name is Matthew Scott. My first bronzes and my big resins were all cast at his foundry when it was his dad’s. He still does my big resins (“Nobility” is the most recent one he’s cast for me.) Matthew has his Masters and studied in France – he’s really good.

    I love your sculptures!! Keep up the outstanding work!

  31. Tamara says:

    Thanks Lynda! There would be a lot of pieces for him to put together (the legs, arms, base, chair legs) that would make even a resin expensive I would think. It would be a lot more affordable than a bronze though and the french vanilla sounds like the right choice. It would look soft in the color, sort of the same as the clay color shown in these pics. Another hindrance to getting it cast elsewhere is the sending of the molds. That would be a few hundred dollars round trip to send them and have them sent back. Thanks for giving me his website because it’s always good to know and have contacts like his! I appreciate all your comments and advice as always!

  32. If it’s an edition and you may want more castings, he can store the mold for you. That’s what I do with him and with Parks.

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