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Garden Reverie Sculpture #8

Garden Reverie Sculpture #8

Once again, refining her figure is what I’ll be showing today but this time for her legs.  Keeping in mind the shape of the bones, such as in the knee, is important.  There are many complex features to a knee.  Two large bones join there and then a knee cap and tendons, muscle and fat all play a part.  When a knee is bent, the knee cap gets pulled downwards.  Our bodies are so wonderfully made and learning the intricacies of it is an ongoing process.  I keep several anatomy books close on hand to refer to while sculpting.

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Unfinished quick sketch clay sculpture legs.


Her rough toes need much work, and her foot needs to be narrowed, among other things.


Legs are getting more refined.


Leg has been removed to be refined and sculpted.


Each leg is removed and sculpted in detail.


Size relation of leg to my hand.

Above, you see her size in relation to my hand.  She’s going to be about 16 ½” or thereabouts, with her black granite base.


Closeup detail of leg and foot in clay.

Her finished leg and foot is ready to be attached to her body once again.


Smooth sculpted legs of sculpture.

The crossed leg is relaxed, with a bulging calf muscle due to pressure put upon it from the other leg.  This relaxed leg is contrasted with a leg in flexion, with a contracted calf muscle and flexed foot.   There is a dichotomy ever present with this lady; her relaxed, dreamy state is contrasted with her physical need to support her coquettish pose through tension of limbs.

Next, I’ll show the process of sculpting the flower in her hair.


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