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Master sculptor for Royal Doulton and Coalport

"Truly masterful sculpting.  You are getting to that maturing phase of your work where your real inner belief in your ability gains ascendency.  Untouchable by fear you are now able to create work that other gasp at.  You have been able to tune into your true voice.  The 'tuning in' is the true ability you have, not just the 'artistic technique'.  If a 100 foot oak tree had a human brain, it would only be 10 feet tall - but it knows nothing more than to listen to its own voice.  You are becoming a Redwood.  I like the way you are juxtaposing the crisp detail of the face and other key areas with other rough finish areas (which look so good in bronze)."



"Tamara is highly talented and her sculptures are packed with story telling. They have a romantic quality and seem to reflect a time gone by. The attention to detail is extraordinary,  and she constantly strives towards that perfection. She is also happy to share with fellow sculptors anything that she has discovered about the subject she is clearly devoted to."



"I spotted your latest piece "Blessings Bloom" a few days ago and I wanted to I say that it represents another quantum leap in your maturity as an artist. It's been a great pleasure to watch you develop as a serious sculptor over the past couple of years. You improve so much with each project you take on and your attention to detail is second to none. Your knowledge of human anatomy is evident, not only in the accurate proportions in your figures but in the dynamic tension that exists in body and limbs making for making them almost seem alive. Keep up the good work. Good luck with "Blessings Bloom" and I look forward to seeing your next masterpiece."



"Tamara is a rare breed and someone I am happy to know. She is kind to all living things, has a can-do attitude, a genuine and generous spirit, and is eager to learn all she can in this life. These things are clearly reflected in her work which steadily grows more interesting and alive with each piece. It's been fun watching her progress, and am enjoying the show> like a good book, I hope it never ends."


Paula B Slater, M.A.
Paula Slater Sculpture

"Tamara Bonet is a gifted figurative sculptor. Her first limited edition bronze series of Victorian ladies displays her keen eye for detail and elegant proportion. It will be exciting to see how Tamara continues to manifest her considerable sculpting talents and abundant creativity."

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