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This furnace heats the bronze until it’s molten hot. Then the bronze foundry workers pour the liquefied bronze into a mold of the sculpture.

Here Tamara is marking areas of the rough bronze that need attention.

These wax parts will be refined to ensure a good casting. The more work that is accomplished in the wax will mean less work in the metal.

Bina Cronin works like a surgeon carefully cutting the orginal sculpture into moldable sections.

Jaime shoots the patina in an unusual way by applying the skintone patina last. This requires that he protect the other areas with tinfoil..

Tamara Bonêt and Margaret Keane.  Margaret is known for her paintings of wide eyed children and animals.

Tamara is checking the wax work performed by the foundry.

The original clay sculpture is very delicate and takes a stead hand to cut and remove the parts to be molded. Tamara takes her time.

Gabe is beginning to apply the silicone rubber to the sculpture.

The rubber is gently blown into all the crevices with an air hose.

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