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Garden Reverie Sculpture- #6


 Garden Reverie Sculpture- #6 

The initial roughing in of the sculpture is finished.  Now on to refining the anatomy.From a distance her hands look as if they are finished and for a quick sketch type sculpture, they would be. I love a raw and unrefined sculpture with natural organic textures because it has energy to it; sometimes the artist’s tool or hand marks are seen.

I also love crisp and detailed modeling, like the classical sculpture of old, where the anatomy was carefully brought to its most pleasing fullness of shape. This is the style that I’ll work towards for Garden Reverie.

You can see here the texture in natural earth clay.  This clay is called Great White with grog (fired clay bits). Grog helps prevent blowups in the kiln because it enables trapped air to escape through the clay. It fires to maturity at Cone 6 in a kiln, so it’s a stoneware mid-range fire clay.  This is important info for me because I plan to fire her after making a mold for bronze.

By cutting off the hand, I can move it around in every angle to really sculpt it well.  A few registration marks will help to line it up again.


Here are some of the tools that I use when sculpting the hands.  The black tool is a hard wood with a very tight grain.  I carved the tool from the block of wood and then sanded it to a gloss finish.  Works well for burnishing/smoothing the clay.



Fingernails….  I love fingernails (but my foundry doesn’t, ha, ha- more difficulty in casting).  They add to the femininity and grace of her hand.  Since it’s out in the forefront, resting on her knee, I especially want it to look elegant and beautiful.



The lines in the hands need to be incised deeply enough so that when the wax and metal chasing are finished, the lines will still remain.  The bronze casting process tends to remove about 10% of overall detail.



Next I’ll be working on the other arm and hand.

If you have any questions, I’ll be happy to answer them.

 (See Garden Reverie’s finished clay pics and promotion and bronze photos)

5 Responses to “Garden Reverie Sculpture- #6”

  1. Mitch Mitton says:

    I have already given you a plug on Facebook, I want everyone to know how good my friend is. Are you going to do the mold woork? and retouch all those waxes?

  2. ZooDoc says:

    Looks like a real hand!!! Excellent.

  3. Tamara Bonet says:


    Thanks for the plug on Facebook :-) I made the mold already and poured a Master plaster cast which turned out great with tight seamlines and crisp detail. Currently, the mold is at the foundry and they’ve sent me wax photos. Rather than detail the waxes myself, I went into Photoshop and circled all areas I wanted chased some more. I’m working on letting go…. but it’s difficult! But I really need to for health and also for time effectiveness too.

    Stay tuned for the complete process of mold and foundry process through pictures!

  4. ahmed says:

    My name is Ahmed Jafar teaching in the Faculty of Fine Arts and I admire manner of performance and implementation …….Thanks

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