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“Voice From the Grave” Poem by Ron About His Daughter

Hi everyone,

Here’s a poem (shown below) that Ron just composed about his daughter Iris who died in 1998. She and I were only 2 weeks apart in age. A lady asked Ron if he wanted to post something on her blog about Iris. She had read on his website that his daughter was the inspiration for his book “War Star Rising: The Legend of Toucan Moon.” Here’s a link to his book:  http://www.zoodoc-stories.com/Novels.html

Last night I read the poem out loud while Ron listened. It was all very emotional for him to revisit this sad part of his life. When I got to the part about the doll that he sent to Iris, but she never knew it was from him, he cried. How very sad that Iris’ mother and grandmother conspired to keep him from seeing her. To add to the sadness, Iris’ mother was later shot to death by her ex-boyfriend about a year after the funeral for Iris. So Ron’s past with Iris and her mother is completely gone.

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