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Archive for December 2010

Sculpture with limbs missing

Hi all,

Sometimes when telling a story it seems that the best way to is to leave off parts that aren’t necessary.  Same way with sculpture, sometimes limbs aren’t necessary. 

I’ve made a relief of Return of Joy and have left off the arms and limbs in the sculpture.

See sculpture update to this post here:  http://tamarabonet.com/blog/2011/01/07/fragment-update/#more-920 

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Archive for December 2010

Pregnancy portrait clay sculpture

Hi again,

Wow, this was sure fun and I wanted to share it with you all.   I had the privilege of sculpting a very voluptuous and pretty pregnant lady, Kristy, someone special to me as well.  

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Archive for December 2010

Volkswagen bug sculpture by Tristyn

Hi everyone,

My niece, Tristyn,  finished making her second Volkswagen bug sculpture and getting it painted.  She has a friend, Tim, that loves Volkswagens and so she wanted to make one for him in clay.  He owns a blue bug.  She picked a beautiful deep blue glaze color to match his bug. 

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