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Beautiful Dreamer Enlargement

Hi All,

After 11 months, I’m finally finished with the Beautiful Dreamer enlargement!  Below are finished pics of her prior to casting her into bronze. She measures about 15″ tall by 15″ wide (40% larger than the original was) and she’s still delicate looking at that size. 

 * Discoloration on the face is due to adding a different color of clay but no worries, it won’t show up in the bronze (of course :-) ). *

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Posts Tagged ‘Sculpture enlargement

Sculpture Enlargement

Hi all,

Here are some pictures below of my sculpture enlargement for Beautiful Dreamer.  The foundry had such a difficult time with all of her small detail that I decided to enlarge her.  The sculpture enlargement is 40% greater than her original size- so she should be around 17 inches tall.   This will still allow her to look delicate and petite.  Going too large would have taken her out from being a bedroom or mantel piece.

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