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Welcome to my blog

Hi Friends!This is my first post on my new blog.  Welcome to me and to you. Hee, hee. This should be fun. Hope you’ll enjoy my ramblings. I’ll try to be interesting and not too detailed (my nature is to write too much!). ;-D

Please stop in and say hi and add your two cents whenever you wish.  I appreciate hearing from viewers whether we’ve met before or not.

Here’s a quick story about our kitty named Leia.

Kitty Rescued from a yoplait cup:

There she sat meowing in the dark sitting half way down on our long driveway. We didn’t know if she was a squirrel or what but then heard the meowing.  Poor thing.  She was covered in stickers and had a yoplait cup stuck on her head.  Since the cup is smaller at the opening, she and we both could not remove the cup. I ran for scissors and was thankful that I didn’t snip her paper thin ears as I cut if off her head. 

With a bath and blow dryer treatment there she sat shivering but glad to be found.  She dived into a can of soft kitty salmon food like I’ve never seen an animal eat, ferociously like she hadn’t eaten in days.

Here’s our long driveway where we found Leia…

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