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Archive for January 2012

Photography of Shiny Bronze Sculpture – Beautiful Dreamer

Taking photos of shiny surfaces can pose problems in photography.  Sometimes what I’ve done is to take pictures of a sculpture in a light tent.  A light tent is somewhat like a box made of a white bed sheet.  Lighting of the sculpture is then done from outside the tent and soft light fills the tent.

With the Beautiful Dreamer sculpture I wanted her to have ……..

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Archive for January 2012

 Beautiful Dreamer Bronze Foundry pics- (Also Including Michael Parkes Sculptures)

Going to the bronze foundry is always such a thrill (never mind the bay area city traffic that gets my heart rate going!). This time was no different, as I was able to see up close Michael Parkes’ creative realism sculptures. What greeted me is seen below, what looked like a Las Vegas act, all legsssss! 

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