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This is just a brief note to let you all know that I have a facebook public page with a new link that’s simple to remember and use:  www.facebook.com/Tamara.Bonet.Sculpture  (not case sensitive and period’s don’t matter if they are inserted either). 

If you “like” my Facebook page then…..

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Archive for December 2011

New Layaway Plan

For any that would like to have a sculpture but need a little support along the way with a payment plan, we are now offering layaway.  We hope that this will enable all to enjoy uplifting art!

Here’s the link to the LayawayPlan

 We heard from the foundry today and the first cast came out nearly perfect.  Patina will either be this week or at the latest by next Thursday December 22nd. 


Archive for December 2011

Dreamer Mold

Here’s a 41-pictoral review of the large ”Beautiful Dreamer” sculpture’s mold process.  See wealthmoldtutorial for complete mold process.  I’ve learned a few things since the “Wealth” mold and therefore have added new tips to this tutorial. 

Sometimes people wonder how in the world is a mold made.  Well, pics say a thousand words, much better than writing it out, so here it goes…..

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