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Awards for Garden Reverie

Awards for Garden Reverie

Glad I entered some competitions this year!  Decided to see how my sculpture Garden Reverie would do in a few competitions.  If she was able to win something it would really help with promoting her.  Well, I was so excited to get a phone call from AWA (American Women Artists) that I had won Grand Prize in their online 2013 competition!  I won $400 cash, 1/4 page ad in Southwest Art magazine and an automatic entry into their November 2013 juried show in Texas.  That made my day!  I was so excited that I did the dance of joy.  Yay!

Then I had hopes for how Garden Reverie might do in the other competition that I entered, ARC (Art Renewal Center).  This is the finest competition that I know of and is international.  I just found early this morning the results. Thankfully, I was a finalist in the Sculpture category for “Garden Reverie.” She was one of only 30 finalists in sculpture. I was in good company as a finalist with such well known sculptors as Angela De Le Vega and Philippe Faraut. :-)

Well, these awards make for a nice finale to my sculpture project.  She was a lot of work and so having the recognition from top awards really makes me satisfied of a job well done.  Accolades do feel good and mean something to me, especially coming from such good organizations as ARC and AWA!

Thanks for all your support and comments.  They have always been a big support to me and keep my spirits up during difficult periods of sculpting.


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