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Newspaper article about Luisa and I

Our group show yesterday went really well at the Orland Art Center.  Luisa was just beaming with many wanting to take her picture along with me and the sculpture I made of her.  Luisa’s painting was on the wall for display too.  Luisa drove to the show herself (almost 92) and was wearing a beautiful royale blue dress along with her high heels. 

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Archive for the ‘Art Show

Group Art Show Invite

Hi all,

Just wanted to invite you to the Orland Art Center group show for August with a special artist reception on August 5th from 3 to 7 p.m.   I’ll be exhibiting Luisa’s Smile, Wealth, and my clay version of Return of Joy.  My dear friend Luisa will be showing her painting that she did when she was around 40 (she’ll be turning 92 this month) called “Far Eastern Loveliness.”  

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