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Cat and snake on our porch.

Cat and snake on our porch

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday there was a gopher snake on our front porch and Lionel was doing his thing as a cat. He watched and followed and waited patiently but for some reason he never went in for the kill. Well, that’s a good thing because I don’t think I wanted to see the poor snake go down that way. Maybe it was the hissing from the snake that kept Lionel from getting him. Ron said he has seen Lionel get a snake that big out by our oleander bushes.

This morning when Ron went to let Lionel out the front door to feed him, he held back and didn’t even go outside. Usually, Lionel will push his head up on the door and squeeze through the door as Ron opens it. This time he peeked his head out and looked around and didn’t go out. :-) So he’s a cautious cat sometimes. Hee, hee. Well, he did finally go out but it took some coaxing.

The pics don’t show very much but at least you can see Lionel’s interest in the snake. Ron got out the broom and decided to play a bit with the snake.

Well, that’s the excitement on our property for the time being. Other than that we’ve taken out all our perimeter trees and planted about 80 new trees. So we’ve been doing lots of work but are getting it done before it gets really hot out here. Next week they say the hot weather is coming.

Hope you enjoyed the cat story. If you have animal stories to share, I love to hear about them. We are blessed to be around these creatures and see their cute ways. Have a nice rest of the evening,


P.S. I know that the alyssum need watering in the pot (my mom will tell me for sure!). :-)

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