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Luisa Mowing

Luisa Mowing

Hi friends,

Been sculpting but not with anything to share for right now. I’ve been working on getting the enlargement done for Beautiful Dreamer and it is taking so long (could have sculpted a few sculptures in place of this by now) but will be well worth it when done.

Just wanted to share with you my dear friend Luisa mowing her lawn. Do you remember that I sculpted her? She is now 91 1/2 and as spry as ever and oh so happy as you can tell. You can’t live better than she does. She’s lives all alone but she says she’s never lonely or bored. She has too much creativity to be bored and so much work to do. She is in the public eye often in giving out Watchtower’s and Awake’s to passersby at the grocery store.

When I saw her today she was sitting on a small crate and removing grass that gets stuck from under her lawn mower. She had mowed all the way down her long driveway and around the one side of her house (she may have went behind the house but I didn’t see for today). If she didn’t mow back there yet, she will. I’ve seen her mow the whole property herself. She’s amazing.

Luisa's driveway that she mowed extends out far beyond the picture.

Luisa's driveway that she mowed extends out far beyond the picture.

Luisa’s little dog Tinker is her constant companion.

Luisa and her dog tinker along with her lawn mower.

Luisa and her dog "Tinker" along with her lawn mower.

Luisa was wearing a red poka dot blouse with her big hat to keep the sun out. I just had to take a pic and she finally agreed I could. Then she wanted to take one of me but I won’t share that (ha, ha).

Closeup of Luisa and her dog Tinker.

Closeup of Luisa and her dog Tinker.

These kind of special people, I wish I could immortalize more often in sculpture. If I only had time to sculpt all the people I want to do! I will do quick sketches once again. They are a joy to do as was my sculpt of Luisa. The long tedious sculpts bring a different satisfation of doing detail work and the beauty that brings but quick sculpts capture energy and spirit of the person.

Have a happy day,


2 Responses to “Luisa Mowing”

  1. ZooDoc says:

    Luisa is amazing! Hope I’m as spry as her when I’m forty…thousand. :-) Thanks for sharing. ZD

  2. I do remember her sculpt – as lovely as she is!

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