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Newspaper article about Luisa and I

Newspaper article about Luisa and I

Our group show yesterday went really well at the Orland Art Center.  Luisa was just beaming with many wanting to take her picture along with me and the sculpture I made of her.  Luisa’s painting was on the wall for display too.  Luisa drove to the show herself (almost 92) and was wearing a beautiful royale blue dress along with her high heels.  She was going around meeting people and often would ask “Are you an artist?”   Then she would want to see where their particular painting was on the wall. 

One lady told me when she saw the sculpture of Luisa she got goosebumps from being moved by it.  She wanted a picture of Luisa with it.   A group from a local retirement community came and found inspiration in Luisa and how she is living life well into her 90′s.  I told Luisa that her story is helping those in their 80′s to have something to look forward to when they reach their 90′s.  That made her feel good to know that she was having that kind of impact.

Here’s a link to a newspaper story about Luisa and I, our friendship and our art:  http://www.orland-press-register.com/news/bonet-7735-davis-orland.html

Another and larger newspaper has called for an interview and news story on us too which I’ll share later.  I’ll take all the publicity that I can get.  The t.v. news interview went well and now getting in a few newspapers is really good!  I guess they liked the angle for the story!


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