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Garden Reverie Sculpture- #5

Garden Reverie Sculpture- #5

(See Garden Reverie’s finished clay pics and promotion and bronze photos)

The gallery that is representing me in Napa (Quent Cordair Fine Art) is sharing this work in progress on their QCFA blog as well. Here’s the next step, that of adding her dress and the general flow of the fabric. It’s amazing what a few directional brush strokes of clay can do with giving the illusion of a dress.





I’ve added some width to the curl on the left side of her face.  It seemed to add a bit of flair with having her hair billowing out to one side.


Garden Reverie seen below is the general idea of what she will look like when finished.  Her hands and feet need much refining, and the rest of her does too!





Thanks for watching! Here are all the steps in this work in progress so far at this link.


6 Responses to “Garden Reverie Sculpture- #5”

  1. Mitch Mitton says:

    Ok so your good, but 2 things. Where did you get that chair? and what is the finished casting going to sit on? Yes just being me here but she is comming along nice.

  2. Tamara Bonet says:

    You being you means that your mind thinks of how things are built- Mr. Designer you. :-) The chair was made by me with two things: wire and Magic sculpt. Oh, 3 things, ….a wire snipper. :-)

    In the finished sculpt…. she has a clay chair seat that has a little bit of rough floral pattern on it. The foundry will fabricate the chair legs and backrest out of bronze wire stock. Thanks for asking!


  3. Tom Danahy says:

    A beautiful piece and the progressive shots and explanations fantastic.

  4. She’s just getting more beautiful! Wish I had your hand with fabric. I tried to add some detail to my lady sculpt but the clay was just too hard. I couldn’t burnish it the way I wanted or do much of anything with the fabric, and one eye just doesn’t suit me, but she’s gonna get fired anyway and be considered a learning piece. I really want to get better at water based clay before I take that workshop in June! Did you really use a brush to make the wrinkles in her dress? Maybe that’s what I was doing wrong – I was using tools or my fingers and never got a satisfactory look to it, so I rubbed out the details and left the fabric just sort of abstract, I guess.

  5. Tamara Bonet says:

    Lynda- I end up using a lot of different tools for doing the dress. The brush strokes was the initial step so as to see the direction I wanted the fold to go. You’re going to learn tons at Philippe’s workshop!

  6. Tamara Bonet says:

    Thank you Tom for your appreciation of the progressive photos. It’s a work in progress so I want to share a lot of the steps involved clear through the bronze patina. My foundry is following her through the process with photos for me.

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