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“Garden Reverie” Finished in Bronze!

“Garden Reverie”  Finished in Bronze!

Hi everyone,

Finally have some pics to share with you of Garden Reverie in monochrome.  The patina is called a pastel patina, meaning that a white base is used and then color is slowly built up upon that.  I wanted her to look warm and soft so we used warm colors of rosy salmon, tan, off-white and grey.

Pre-cast promotion is here.   She’s being offered in two different patinas. One is an opaque monochrome patina as seen below or the other option is a bronze patina with color (see pics here).

To view all work in progress posts for her, click here.

Her face shows up very well in this light patina whereas the bronze with color patina choice has more of a rich and exciting feel.  My patina artist did such a good job that I love each of his patinas!

She is 15 1/2″ tall which includes her base.   The black granite base is 1 1/4″ and has an ogee edge.   Just a little bit fancy touch for the ogee edge base as opposed to a simple round edge.

Garden Reverie in monochrome "white" patina

Garden Reverie in monochrome “white” patina

Closeup of Garden Reverie sculpture.

Her pupils came out very well.  I didn’t carve out the pupil which can depict a dark color.  By leaving the iris on the same plane as the sclera (white part) it gives the appearance of a light colored eye.

Detail areas like eyes, lip lines, eyebrown lines and fingernails are all important to me.  My Oregon foundry did a good job to keep this areas in tact or replicate them if need be.  The metal chaser said this is the first time he ever got out a razor blade to chase in detail areas like lip lines. :-)  So happy he did such a good job.

 Side view of Garden Reverie.

Chose a lavender background to go with the springtime feel.  On my monitor it looks pleasing but will be nice to see how it reads on different computers- perhaps greyish.

Look into the window of my heart poem for Garden Reverie.

This is the note that is below her.  It reads “Look into the window of my heart, this is what you’ll find.”  It can mean different things to each person.

Stay tuned and I’ll be posting the bronze patina photos of her shortly.


3 Responses to ““Garden Reverie” Finished in Bronze!”

  1. Congrats on your prize. I love her braid–

  2. Tamara says:

    Thanks a lot Alexandra!

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