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Sculpture with limbs missing.

Sculpture with limbs missing

Hi all,

Sometimes when telling a story it seems that the best way to is to leave off parts that aren’t necessary.  Same way with sculpture, sometimes limbs aren’t necessary. 

I’ve made a relief of Return of Joy and have left off the arms and limbs in the sculpture.

See sculpture update to this post here:  http://tamarabonet.com/blog/2011/01/07/fragment-update/#more-920 

In 1910 Rodin explained to Muriel Ciolkowska:

“Recently I have taken to isolating limbs, the torso. Why am I blamed for it?  Why is it allowed the head and and not portions of the body? Every part of the human figure is expressive.  And is not an artist alwasy isolating, since in Nature nothing is isolated?  When my works do not consist of the complete body (..), people call it unfinished. What do they mean? Michelangelos’s finest works are precisely those which are called ‘unfinished’. Works which are called finished are those who are clean- that’s all.”

For me, it’s a new journey to find that which is the essence of the sculpture, and to let it be not perfect. 

Leaving of only one arm is the part that to me looks perhaps odd on the sculpture relief I’ve created but I think it may be the best way to do this one.  One friend thinks it looks like a sculpture you’d find in an archaelogical find where a limb may be broken off. 


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